Stairs Corridors

People want to create a pleasant atmosphere around their property – something that will catch visitors’ attention, make them feel good and want to come back again. They would like to be able to create an appealing ambience with optimized-quality lighting at minimum cost. 

Combining reliable low-power LEDs and an integrated driver, this affordable post-top LED solution delivers a comfortable asymmetric footlight to meet your landscaping needs.

Lighting in corridors is crucial for the first impressions that your guests have of your apartment or house. This is where visitors are welcomed and where they get a feeling for the atmosphere in the rooms. Lighting contributes enormously to creating a feel-good atmosphere right from the start.

At the same time, the corridors lighting must be functional and energy-efficient. Providing a number of light sources gives the corridors a structure and make it easier for visitors to orientate themselves. 

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